Knowing the Difference between Patches and Direct Embroideries

With a lot of ways to apply embroidered logos to clothes effectively, you can make your outfits more functional and stylish, and two of the simplest methods are embroidered patches and direct embroideries. However, be sure to understand the difference between these two so that you can achieve the exact design you want. However, the clear distinction is how the logo or image is attached to the clothes.

What is a Patch and a Direct Embroidery

Direct embroidery involves the method of applying embroidered logos directly to bags, caps, polo shirts and other garments. With direct embroideries, the items are put within a hoop while making sure that they are accurately placed in the embroidery machine. The image is then directly embroidered on the shirt. This is done through weaving the embroidery design on to the fabric. Practically, the embroidery now becomes a part of the item where it was embroidered.

On the other hand, patches are also embroidered logos or images although they are still different. Patch items are embroidered onto substrate materials that are usually done one at a time. They are laid on top of fabrics while sewing or ironing them on. The usual application of patch is through the sleeves of firefighters, paramedics and police officers. One great benefit of these items is the easy removal and quick replacement, so you won’t be bothered by a faded patch that needs substitution.

Embroidered Patches

Distinctions to Make

Unlike direct embroidery, it is easier to remove or pull out patches. Another distinction is ultimate flexibility offered by patching. Embroidery is more detailed and you need to acquire some skills in order to finish the desired output effectively. The embroidery maker may take advantage of flexibility when attaching the design onto the fabric. Also, take note that some patch items are heavy once attached on shirts so it feels like having a bullet-proof shield. If you want something more comfortable, be sure to pick the right material for your patchwork.

With cheaper solutions, patches make it more popular than direct embroideries. In fact, many people choose to patch their clothes up whenever they see problematic areas like holes and rip offs. For uniform needs, patch designs are usually attached to them so that it will be easy to identify the staff. If you are looking for a reliable patch maker who can provide you with quality designs, this is the right site to visit. You will see a plethora of patch items that are sure to meet your specific requirements.

Embroidered Patche

Achieving the Exact Design you Want

Depending on the texture, size and color, you can exactly get the right style you want for your jackets, jeans and caps. Whether you have corduroy, denim, or nylon clothes, a patch is the perfect solution for your fashion ideals. Others use it to mend their tees, scarves and pillow cases. Sometimes, you will also wonder how manufacturers use their products in making such items. Since they are the ones who designed them, it is easier to apply the items on whatever type of clothes desired.

The Practical Use of Patch and Embroidery Products Online

Before, holes-in-the-knees are popular among casual outfit users. Now, however, you can cover them up and make them trendier. If you want personalized styles, you can make your own size and shape for the perfect patch. With the availability of templates including flower, star, and animal shapes, you can easily find the ideal patch designs you want to attach to your garments. If your favorite shirt got damaged with daily use, now is the time to buy quality patch and make it new again. There are lots of choices currently available in the market to perfectly match what you need.

If stains are frustrating you from your dream look at specific event, a quick solution is to patch it up. All you have to do is to get the right patch and apply it carefully for better outcome. This goes the same for your ripped jeans. If you want to make it look brand new, find the perfect patch that can cover the holes. It will surely appear stylish and functional again. Don’t be left behind. Everyone is taking advantage of patch products online. Try them now and see the difference.

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